Latest Timelapse Attempt - Day to Night

From the Dufferin Gate Bridge vantage point.

Settings: ND Filter on a 70-200mm lens, Nikon Z6, F/16, Shutter 1/1.3”, ISO 50, interval at 2 seconds on the built-in intervalometer. Manually adjusted the ND filter as it got darker out. Unfortunately some noticeable camera shake - minimized using Warp Stabilizer in post. The key is to maintain exposure as day turns to night, while still seeing the motion blur of the cars and light streaks, CN tower, and not overexposing the billboard. This is my third outing since I got the assignment.

In post, I adjusted the exposure manually in Lightroom to account for the change, will need to do a better job here. Also, LRTimelapse would be useful to control the flickering - but I didn’t want to pay 240 Euros for access to the full software. The trial version only covers up to 400 photos at a time, and i shot close to 4000 NEF files in 3 hours. Maybe next time, if they pay for editing - I was only hired as a shooter! Otherwise, there’s lots of usable clips I can chop up and sell it to stock sites in 4K. Enjoy!