So I started as a Freelance Photographer for Mealpal, a NYC based app company. It is Ritual meets Netflix meets Tinder, where users subscribe to a monthly fee and get to choose from a variety of quick serve vendors in their vicinity, for a fee of about $6 a meal. (!)

They're keeping me busy these days. I'm still waiting for a Photography kit from their New York rep to make each plate look amazing (vs using take out or disposable containers). So far it has been nothing short of exciting. It's 1. portfolio building, 2. pays (not a big amount, but still) and 3. it is encouraged to take the food home! 

Here are some shots with a basic food blogger style set up. I have photos from Fit for Life, Kanga Meat Pie , Colaba (Indian), Rosewood Chinese Cuisine, Mucho Burrito, and Jack Tans Restaurant (Thai and Viet).